Mirage Entertainment Policies

General Policies

Mirage Entertainment has been a leader in the adult entertainment industry because we pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail. We achieve this by following policies and procedures that ensure everyone from client, to companion, to staff all have a safe, honest and enjoyable experience during the entire process. Please be sure to read through our policies below.

  • Bookings are required to be made from an unblocked telephone number. If you are booking by e-mail, it must be accompanied by a contact number where you can be reached.
  • Your name and location will be verified prior to your companion’s arrival or your booked party/event. Please advise us in advance, if you are making this booking for someone other than yourself. (We don’t like surprises!!)
  • Our booking agents will not tolerate abusive language. If this should occur, we will not be able to accept your request for a booking. If that is the way you conduct yourself over the phone, we would hate to see how you would behave in person alone with one of the ladies.
  • Please remember that there are certain things that we are not permitted to discuss over the phone, but we will do our utmost to provide you with a companion that meets your needs.
  • Attempts to verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten, or injure any of the ladies, drivers, or booking agents will not be tolerated. Local law enforcement will be contacted.

We assure your complete discretion, and will never keep any records of your meeting with one of our companions. We will never call you on the telephone , leave any messages on your voice-mail or try to contact you via e-mail, unless you request us to do so.

Companionship Policies

We are employed by the best companions and adult entertainers in Canada because we hold them, their safety and security as the highest priority in our organization. We are known for, and pride ourselves on being an upscale, honest and up front adult entertainment company and we kindly ask you to review our policies before requesting the company of one of the companions.

  • All of the companions and adult entertainers that advertise on our website are independent contractors that have hired our services for their security, transportation and booking needs. Some are local girls and some are well known companions touring from other cities from across Canada. They choose their own schedules, working hours and touring dates as well as set their own individual payment/fee structure. For up to date scheduling, please click onto our availability page.
  • We guarantee that the companion that you have requested from the photographs will be the one that will meet you. If this is not the case at the time of your appointment, you may cancel with absolutely no charge, not even a driver’s fee.
  • The ladies will arrive in casual business attire. Any requests that you may have must be made in advance, and will be handled discretely.  The companion will change into the requested attire upon arrival.
  • Please have an unsealed envelope with the companion’s personally requested donation ready for your companion prior to her arrival. When your companion arrives she will contact her security driver and inform him that everything is okay. Please note the companion’s donation amount on her individual profile page.
  • Our ladies pride themselves on maintaining exceptional hygiene. Please be sure to return the favour.
  • If you would like to share a glass of wine or spirits with your companion, please open the bottle in front of her. She has been advised not to take drinks from previously opened containers, including soft drink and juice containers.
  • The ladies will never smoke in your presence unless you give them permission. On multi-hour dates, please ask specifically for a non-smoking companion if you wish.
  • The  companions reserve the right to refuse any client, or any service for any reason, at any time. They will not be forced to do anything that they feel is dangerous or personally unacceptable. (REMEMBER, NO MEANS NO!!!)
  • Due to weather and traffic conditions in the city, and scheduling issues that are associated with this industry, we cannot guarantee your requested appointment time, but rest assured we will do our utmost to accommodate your desired time.

Promotional Policies

  • All our models will arrive in the attire you have requested for your event. Attire requirements need to be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance of your event date
  • All events booked require 50% deposit at the time of reservation and full payment 1 week before event date.
  • There is a 25% cancellation fee for all canceled events.

Stag/Stagette Policies

  • All our hostesses/dancers will arrive in the attire suited to your stag/stagette theme. Attire requirements need to be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance of your event date.
  • All events booked require 50% deposit at the time of reservation and full payment 1 week before event date.
  • There is a 25% cancellation fee for all canceled events.

Security Polices

  • All of our security staff are trained and licensed
  • All of our security staff are insured and bond-able.
  • All of our security staff will be dressed in a standard professional suit. Any requests that you may have regarding different attire must be made in advance.
  • Celebrity & public figure confidentiality agreements available.

Transportation Policies

  • All of our driving staff are fully licensed and bond-able.
  • Our driving staff always drive newer model, reliable and comfortable vehicles with full coverage insurance.
  • Our drivers will not smoke while carrying a passenger.
  • Attempts to verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten, or injure our driver, other passengers, yourself or any attempt to damage the vehicle will not be tolerated. The driver will safety stop and local law enforcement will be contacted.
  • Celebrity & public figure confidentiality agreements available.
  • All of our driving staff will be dressed in a professional attire.

Accommodation Services

  • 50% deposit at booking.
  • 100% payable 4 days prior to arrival.
  • Credit card deposit of $ 500 for damages, refundable upon check out.

Website Policies

  • No portion of this site may be copied, reproduced, downloaded, transmitted or otherwise used without the prior written consent of Mirage Entertainment Corporation. Willful infringement of copyright may result in the award of statutory damages per act of infringement and can include damages of attorneys fees, loss of profit, as well as seizure and destruction of infringing materials, and injunction against further acts of infringement.
  • Under penalty of perjury, you solemnly affirm that you are not accessing the Mirage Entertainment web site for the purpose of obtaining information that will be used by yourself or others in any capacity, maliciously or not, against Mirage Entertainment Corporation. This is including against its owners, employees or any other parties associated with Mirage Entertainment Corporation. We do not provide access to sites which engage in illegal sexual activities. Mirage Entertainment Corporation is a Toronto and Ottawa based service providing companionship only for like minded adults.
  • You have released and discharged all the providers, owners and creators of this Mirage Entertainment Corporation and website from any and all liability. You also understand that by book-marking/linking to a page on this Mirage Entertainment Website or any part of its individual agency locations in Toronto, or Ottawa, this server/site whereby this warning page is bypassed, you shall constitute an implicit acceptance of the foregoing terms set forth herein. You do not find adult oriented material of a mature adult nature, or material relating to/about companions, companionship services, exotic private dancers, massage attendants, fetish, fantasy, BDSM, or adult entertainment/oriented material to be offensive or objectionable.

Photography Policies

  • All of the photographs of our companions are recent and genuine. We work exclusively with top professional photographers, and the photos have not been altered in any way, except to remove tattoos, to protect the identity of the ladies.
  • For the discretion of the companions, we cannot e-mail photographs of the ladies’ faces. (Rest assured: our agency maintains the highest standards in terms of who we choose to represent)
  • All photography submitted by a companion/model/entertainer that is supplied by an unknown photographer will be reviewed and authenticated.